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Velocetech has a sales and service of IT products across India covering small cities and large metros . Veloctech provides a dedicated team as part of our managed services program, comprised of hardware and software specialists with specialized skills in understanding how to navigate and leverage vendor programs to ensure our customer’s best interest.

Among The Best I.T Services

Computer Sales

We are leading partners of Dell, HP, ASUS, ACER and Lenovo for desktops & laptops. All branded desktops and laptops are available with us. We understand your computing needs and use our experience so that your decisions are well-informed and appropriate.


All computer accessories like Computer monitors, computer TFT screens, external USB HDDs, Pen drives, keyboards, laser printers, Printer cartridges, mouse-pad and other computer parts of all brands are available with us.


We service Laptops, desktops and accessories. Both software and hardware services are offered. We provide professional quality component level service for laptop & desktop computers with free estimation, at lowest costs and with warranty for the service. We provide 24/7/365 service. The on-call person can be reachable through mobiles or land-lines of communication, and is always there to respond to the queries of our customers. We also give remote access service to the customers in case of emergency.

  • We provide desktop and laptop chip level servicing
  • Mother Boards: Desktop, Server and  Laptop
  • Memory: Desktop Memory, Laptop Memory ,Server Memory
  • Optical Drives: DVD Writers, Combo Drives CD ROM,CD Writer, DAT Drives, Laptop Drives.
  • Monitors: CRT,TFT ,Laptop Display.
  • Add-on Cards: Display cards, SCSI Controller Cards, Sound Cards.
  • Network Products: Switches, Routers, Hub, Network Card.